Meet the Crew

Richard Mann


Richard Mann has been with Coral Reef since the beginning, and he became the owner in 2003. He began his SCUBA career in 1984 and became an instructor in 1987. Though he no longer teaches, he continues to draw upon his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide customers with quality diving solutions.

Jason Mitchell


Jason Mitchell joined the Coral Reef family in 2016. He has been a certified diver since 2011 and became a PADI Assistant Instructor in 2014. Jason does equipment repair, hydrostatic testing, and sales at Coral Reef. He is also a certified cave diver and can be found exploring any one of north Florida’s natural springs when not at the shop.

Ryan Chmelir


Ryan Chmelir came to Coral Reef Scuba in 2018. He was certified as a diver in Honduras in 2017. He can be found at the shop doing equipment repair and tank inspections as well has helping customers. When not at the dive shop, he enjoys going diving in his native south Florida waters.

Harrison Floyd


Harrison Floyd  started at Coral Reef in 2018. An avid outdoorsman, an ex-lifeguard, and competitive swimmer, he does a little bit of everything around the shop ranging from sales to tank fills. While you can usually find him working on archery equipment, he is working to become a SCUBA repair technician as well. 

Kyle Bauer


Kyle Bauer has been with Coral Reef since 2013. He has been diving since 2002 and recently became an Assistant Instructor through Scuba Educators International. At Coral Reef, he can be found servicing regulators and BCs as well as helping customers. When not at the shop, he enjoys diving out of Panama City or helping with scuba classes.

Mark Renneker


Mark Renneker retired from Coral Reef in 2016, but he drops by as a friend and mentor almost daily. He still enjoys helping customers choose the best gear to fit their needs and talking about diving Cayman Brac. Mark is a Vietnam Air Force Veteran and served for many years as a firefighter.


Jeff Bauer has been diving since 1997 and has been an instructor since 2000. Jeff enjoys teaching open water and seeing the excitement in new divers’ eyes. He has written two fiction books about cavern and cave diving, The Cavern Kings and Wakulla Bones. (Both are available on Amazon.)

Jason Ottinger has been a diver since 2000 and became an instructor in 2003.